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Submission Rules

1. Only 1 submission per member per day.

2. Sunsets ONLY. We will not accept sunrises. If it is not clear in the title, please make sure you note that it is a sunset in the description.

3.:star::star: Please include in the description where the sunset was taken. We at least need just City, State or City, Country. This will help us know if you are submitting to the right gallery. If you do not include a location, your submission will be declined. The reason for this is because of what this group was founded for.

4. Photographs ONLY. We will not accept any traditional or digital artwork or overly processed photos, which means anything that is heavily and noticeably edited. Keep it looking real. We will accept HDR photos.

5. DO NOT submit multiple photos of the same sunset. If you have more than one photo of the same sunset, choose which one you think is best and only submit that one. If you submit more than one, we will decline all but one of those submissions. If we find in the gallery that you have more than one submission of the same sunset, all but one will be removed from the group. The only exception to this rule is only if they look different from each other that you won't really be able to tell that it is the same sunset.
For example:
Calm Reflection by HorselessHerder Sunset Slough by HorselessHerder
They look different, but are actually the same sunset.

6. NO cloud/sky-only photos. Even if they are taken at sunset, the main subject should be the sunset. This means that there should clearly be a horizon in the photo, which could either be landscape, waterscape or cityscape.
For example:
NO-> Sunset by silvio-barbosa67
YES-> Hungarian skies pt.LXXIII. by realityDream
YES-> an usual sunset by oeminler
YES-> The smorgasbord City by Jogi1960

7. While we are a little lenient on the quality of the photo, please refrain from submitting anything that is terribly pixelated or blurry.

8. You need to be a member to submit a sunset.

9. Have fun and enjoy the sunsets!

Please submit to the correct gallery folder. If you are unsure of where to submit to, you can refer to these maps.

North America -…

South America -…

Europe -…

Africa -…

Asia -…

Australia -…

Gallery Folders

Quiet by InOnesMindsEye
Argentina - Ushuaia by lux69aeterna
Saline dello Stagnone by Francy-93
July Skies by kkart
North America
Sunset in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii by Delmne
Sunset from the Mountain Full Verticle with Tree by ackpack34
By the Night. by NatashaShaty
Valentines Eve by wonenownlee
South America
Orange and Blue Sunset by rabellogp
Chile - Rapa Nui by lux69aeterna
Our Deepest Dreams by Monosashime
Totoritas by drelli
There is a light in the dark by kristyyyy
Ear 2 by Roaviena
End of Summer by Konzu
A Tumultuous Sunset by Mararda
Sunset in Port Elizabeth by LS-Coloringlife
Peaceful evening by tarkan-t29
Relaxing by Burgi595
Sunset by Burgi595
Sunset - the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka by izzzwerg
Face To Face by vabserk
Seagulls in Istanbul by vabserk
Sunset Dancer by ilmyart
Rays by SByrnes
Wanaka Sunset by MaxK-W
saltlake sunset by brazance
Australia, Billabong (Kakadu NP) by Mithrandiir
Older Submissions
Purple day by Hieronimus-art
Gradient by djpuffnstuff
Sunset 02-16-10 by ryangallagherart
Melting Winter by Sato-photography

Random from Featured

Frozen Twilight by FramedByNature Frozen Twilight :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 139 33 Melting Heat by FramedByNature Melting Heat :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 273 71 Springtime Street Sundown by FramedByNature Springtime Street Sundown :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 265 44 Antici... by aFeinPhoto-com Antici... :iconafeinphoto-com:aFeinPhoto-com 429 82 Queens Sunset by psyfre Queens Sunset :iconpsyfre:psyfre 130 41 orangeday by BOsKiKroKodyL orangeday :iconboskikrokodyl:BOsKiKroKodyL 575 41 Better than fishing by andyjimmy Better than fishing :iconandyjimmy:andyjimmy 289 73 Lake Thun Sunset I by erezmarom Lake Thun Sunset I :iconerezmarom:erezmarom 1,005 106 Sunset by Vulder Sunset :iconvulder:Vulder 48 9 My Sundog -Parhelia- by adevilsdare My Sundog -Parhelia- :iconadevilsdare:adevilsdare 29 7 The Meltdown by FramedByNature The Meltdown :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 209 34 fire in the sky by fokalexandris fire in the sky :iconfokalexandris:fokalexandris 58 9 Horseshoe Bend Sunset - Square by Karl-B Horseshoe Bend Sunset - Square :iconkarl-b:Karl-B 179 20 Sunset by ActionCarrina Sunset :iconactioncarrina:ActionCarrina 2 3

Group Info

Have you ever taken a shot of a sunset and wondered what that very same sunset might look like to someone else in another part of the world? The Sunset Project strives to answer that very thought. We aim to coordinate a massive photography shoot of the sunset on one given day each year to see how much it varies across the globe.
Founded 8 Years ago
Aug 30, 2009


Group Focus
Sunset Photography

1,334 Members
1,155 Watchers
19,790 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews
Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since our last update and before I realized it, our group sure has grown. I just wanted to let you know that there have been some major changes. The most important one would probably be that we finally have our submission rules up on our profile page! :la: It's not that we didn't have rules before, they were just pushed back on a blog entry when the group first started and we finally got around to posting them on the profile page. ^^; They have changed a little though, so be sure to check them out when you get the chance.

If you haven't noticed, there have also been changes to the the galleries. There are different folders now and I have already gone through the gallery and sorted what I could. No submissions will go to these folders if they do not have a location in the description. You may notice a folder titled "Older Submissions." This is only for those existing submissions that I couldn't move into the other folders because I didn't know where they were from. If you have a submission in there that you would like moved to one of the other folders, you need to put in the description where the photo was taken and then let me know. I did move a few deviations in there that I would have liked to have kept in the "Features" folder. :wink:

The "Features" gallery will now be just for that - features. These will come from the group and will be picked as you make submissions. The other folders are pretty self explanatory, and is another reason why we need a location in the description of your submissions. We have decided to organize the gallery by continent. If you are unsure where to submit to, refer to the submission rules or ask us. I will link some maps you can refer to in the submission rules. We decided this based on the nature of the group. We want to know where these sunsets are coming from.

There were 3 existing folders that I had to delete from when the group first started. I have already moved from those folders what I could, but there were some deviations in there that had to be deleted. They were from before the groups feature went live and had to actually be submitted by the group itself. There were also some deviations that were in storage that I had to delete because it wouldn't give me the option to just move them. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you can resubmit those to the group if you want.

And lastly, we hope to have a project date this year. I was hoping to be able to turn it into some kind of event, but we'll see. We still need to work out the details. All I know for sure right now is it will not be winter!

We hope you've been having a good year so far! :aww:
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